Regus - Aspen Lake

Regus has been a great client. We have completed several Regus projects and most notably was our first adventure.

Regus is a pioneer in the business world in that they offer/lease office space to their clientele and have a very robust model for catering to their clients. Regus builds a packaged space that would captivate the attention of anyone looking to rent a single office or multiple offices. They incorporate conference rooms, a board room, client lounge area, break room, copy area and a top notch server room area to be available to their clientele who are officing at one of their branches.

Regus selected high end finishes and nice touches throughout the space that make it very professional and pleasant. Regus has a very dedicated construction management team as well as great architectural teams that are huge assets to building a Regus branch. They know exactly what they want and how to get the space built in a timely manner.

The particular space you see here in the photos was roughly a 13,000 SF space that was completed in 9 weeks. It was very clear on how to establish the flow on this project and work our way from one end to the other installing all of the parts and pieces along the way.

From laying the space out, framing and one-siding pushing all trades to finish wall roughs and overhead roughs, getting everyone out of the walls & ceilings so that we can apply the unique Regus finishes, we have established an overly confident attitude towards these projects and enjoy working with the Regus teams.