Q2 E-Banking

Q2 is a quickly growing E-Banking company that recently took approximately 85,000 SF at Aspen Lake. As with most projects, the clock was already ticking at the time of the bid process. This meant that the right team needed to be selected to both properly staff the project and complete the project within our 12 week window.

The list of customized items within this project was very long. The 1st floor level is really a showcase of their style and uniqueness where clients and visitors will find a beautiful reception desk made out of mill-finished metal and a cypress sinker log. Behind this area is a wall clad with end cut cedar panels that are dressed up with mill-finished metal on the exposed edges. You will be looking at all of these items while standing underneath a 4 X 4 acoustical ceiling that has reveal edges between each ceiling tile.

2 meeting rooms, a mid-size conference room, a demo room and a large conference room are all appendages from this exquisite lobby. The large conference room is adorned with a custom glass system that entails two layers of glass with an air gap between the panes to establish sound insulated properties. Custom alder wood barn doors create the entry into this room where a conference table made of a 600 year old log resides. The back wall is full of character and is very intriguing as custom length cedar panels were cut on-site and installed with a random yet somehow cohesive manner.

The 1st floor also has 3 very large folding partitions each equipped with man doors that establish three different large training rooms that are driven with a great deal of technological amenities. These rooms all have a Crestron system that controls everything in these rooms from the motorized projection screens to the lighting intensity.

This project had many moving parts and pieces and we were enthralled to have put the altogether.

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