The four points campus is full of great tenants. Sailpoint is a particular project within the four points campus that we are proud to have completed.

The project consisted of roughly 44,000 SF of build out that was completed in roughly 8 weeks. The project was spread amongst two floors and is jam packed with offices.

There are not many tenants that build offices for all of their employees at this day and age. We see many larger office space that are populated using cubical furniture systems. However, this is a very unique space in that the perimeter of the facility is lined with offices while the interior section have multiple training rooms and large conference rooms.

Due the scheduling and the amount of actual hard walls within this space, the inspections had to be seamless and very well planned. Our superintendent on the project did a phenomenal job separating the space into 4 equal sections and running all of the trades through each section in phases to break up our inspection processes.

The inspectors thought this was a great idea as well as it established a great project flow. We were able to obtain a certificate of occupancy 1 day prior to the anticipated date and are proud to note that we got the tenant working in the space within the tight time frame. 

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