CANstruction 2013

We thoroughly enjoy our annual participation in the CANstruction charity benefit aimed at reducing hunger in Central Texas for the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB). The bar is raised higher each year for out-doing the designs from the year before, as well as raising more money for CAFB each year!

The 2013 theme was "Under The Sea: Break Hunger's Spell". We arranged over 6,000 food cans into an uncanny resemblance of Ursala the Sea Witch (from Disney's famous film 'The Little Mermaid'). Her lavender skin is comprised of "Annie's Arthur Loops", while nearly 3,000 cans of black beans, sliced olives, and spaghetti "Bernie O's" allow her velvety black and magenta tentacles to twist, coil and reach out towards you.

Rice stick noodles give her hair a wild flair, and 3 golden cans of tuna create the seashell necklace in which she captured Ariel's voice.  Just as Ursula's spell was broken once good triumphed over evil, we try to help break hunger's spell by donating to the Capital Area Food Bank and feeding Austin's hungry.